SGA gives money to eleven40seven


    Students will be able to see their creative work in print for another semester. 

    With about $20,000 left in the House project funding budget, student representatives voted during Tuesday’s Student Government Association meeting to give $3,000 to eleven40seven, TCU’s journal of the arts. The bill had 77 percent approval. 

    College of Fine Arts Representative Lauren Michiels introduced the bill, along with Editor-in-Chief of eleven40seven Allana Wooley and Editor-in-Chief Emeritus Alejandra Rodriguez Creixell. Michiels also serves as the PR director of the journal. 

    Michiels, a senior writing major, said that the journal had previously been funded by the English department, but the funding for this semester had been cut due to money being distributed to other areas in the department. 

    Wooley, a junior anthropology and writing double major, said that the journal has recently been given an endowment for funding, but it won’t go into effect until next fall. 

    SGA has also given money to eleven40seven during past semesters. The journal received $1,500 during the spring 2013 semester, as well as $3,000 during the fall 2013 semester, according to past legislation. 

    “SGA’s funds really really really helped us produce this journal [last semester],” Michiels said. 

    The $3,000 given by SGA will go toward printing the issue, Wooley said. With the quality of the cover and the color photography provided in each issue, the cost of printing the journal is “very expensive.” 

    “We like to print because whenever you print and put people’s words in a book and their work in a book, it kinda gives it value,” said Wooley. “And then they have these books that they can keep for themselves, that they can give to their family and friends, [and] we can put them around campus.”

    Students of all majors can submit creative work to be published in the journal. Students in schools other than the AddRan College of Liberal Arts send in 63 percent of the submissions, according to a pie chart presented by Michiels, Wooley and Rodriguez Creixell. 

    Michiels also said that this year has been a “record-breaking year” for submissions, with an increase from 160 to 212 submissions. 

    The journal is published biannually in the fall and spring semesters. Issues of the spring 2014 edition of eleven40seven will be available starting April 29, Wooley said. 

    In other meeting news, representatives confirmed the appointment of the new members of the Judicial Court with 91 percent approval. The Judicial Court serves when issues such as campaign fines or impeachments arise. 

    Members of the Judicial Court serve until their graduation or until they choose to resign. 

    New members include Blake Neuman, Laura Harville, Luke Erwin, Jack Jolliffe, Courtney Walsh, Madelyn Carter, Victoria Middleton, Blair Guilfoile, John Paul Watson, Rachel Hoffman and Maddie Reddick, Vice President of External Affairs Blake Tilley wrote in an email.