LEAPS works to improve program


    LEAPS, the campus-wide day of service held once each semester, encourages students, faculty and alumni to engage with the Fort Worth community.

    Celebrating its tenth year, LEAPS has made adjustments this semester in an effort to accommodate the needs of volunteers.

    “We made it in such a way that people are not limited to a certain volunteer site,” Lizzy Do, junior biology major and co-director of LEAPS, said. “That way students and other participants can sign up for what they’re interested in.” 

    Mackenzie Meyer, a senior strategic communication major and co-director of LEAPS, said there are typically 20 to 25 volunteer locations involved. Potential sites contact the program directors up to eight months in advance to be included in the day of service.

    Students said they enjoyed seeing the campus bond over a common purpose.

    “I really love that TCU can come together as a community and serve,” first-year nursing major Bonnie Devany said. “I love seeing that everyone here is passionate about being involved in the community.”

    Olivia Nucci, a first-year studio art major and LEAPS liaison, said the program forces students to engage with issues beyond campus.

    “TCU students gain an understanding of the needs the Fort Worth community has,” Nucci said. “They have a better understanding of how they can help and get involved.”

    Do said the organization is looking to shift its focus toward continual and sustainable community service for the fall 2014 semester.

    “We will start with the day of LEAPS to expose members of TCU and get them into the community and out of the TCU bubble,” she said. “That way people will see what’s around them and will be inspired to continue to serve.”

    LEAPS also has plans to network within the Center for Community Involvement and Service-Learning, Do said.

    Jalen Taylor, a junior finance major, said LEAPS is a special program because it benefits everyone.

    “My favorite part is being a helpful someone,” Taylor said. “Being able to satisfy someone else is satisfying.”