TCU Education Department prepares for student interview day


    The TCU Education Department will hold an interview day to train students to apply for teaching positions on March 26 in the Brown-Lupton University Union ballroom.

    TCU has gained a reputation for having a high percentage of students getting hired as teachers after graduation, according to Director of Student Teaching and Community Partnerships Karrabi Malin.

    “The students have home team advantage by being on campus with their peers and faculty for moral support,” said Director of Student Teaching and Community Partnerships Karrabi Malin.

    The students will go through a 26-28 minute time interval cycle between six to ten school districts. The interview day will span two days to provide more opportunities for the students. Students are given the opportunity to schedule their own interview time slots based on their schedules.

    Students had the opportunity to interview with school districts across the state on March 4, but the interview day featuring Dallas/Fort Worth area schools is said to have the largest turnout.

    “We are giving them the opportunity to get a real job interview on campus,” TCU career adviser Chris D’Auria said.

    The student interview day has been an annual tradition in the spring for 27 years since 1987 for the department, Malin said.

    The interview days were started by former Director of Community Partnership Dale Young.

    “The education department has gained the reputation of having the best first year teachers,” Young said.

    The interviews are scheduled from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Wednesday in the BLUU ballroom.