Sports search executive emphasizes relationships in address


    Bob Beaudine was the keynote speaker at the inaugural Center for Connection Culture symposium Wednesday night at the Dee J. Kelly Alumni Center.

    Beaudine, the CEO of a sports search firm Eastman & Beaudine, spoke about networking, self-identity, and his own personal experiences in the hour-long presentation.

    “The energy between two people. That’s it,” Beaudine said. “That’s what makes great families, great marriages, and great job interviews.”

    Beaudine stressed the importance of not being hesitant in using close relationships to advance professionally.

    “Wouldn’t it be logical that people who know you the most actually could give you a better reference endorsement? That’s what actually gets jobs,” Beaudine said.

    Robbie Burns, a freshman pre-business major, said he benefitted most from Beaudine’s networking strategies.

    “His approach to subtly bringing in references for a greater purpose, but also genuinely connecting with these people while networking,” Burns said.

    Students in attendance received a free workbook edition of “The Power of Who!”, Beaudine’s self-help novel.

    Beaudine said finding talent for high-level management positions takes more than just reading resumes.

    “It’s easy to find people with a demonstrated record of achievement in their job. The hard part is to find the personal qualities that transcend the technical,” Beaudine said. “I want to know what kind of person they are and if they care about people.”

    Beaudine was one of 18 ownership partners involved in the purchase of the Texas Rangers. The Rangers appeared in back-to-back World Series his first two years with the organization.

    “To watch a team come together is just magical. We have great leadership in two of the best major owners in baseball with Ray Davis and Bob Simpson,” Beaudine said.

    An SMU graduate, Beaudine has ties to TCU. He was on the search committee that appointed current Chris Del Conte, the current TCU athletic director, his previous job at Rice University.

    Beaudine said he was impressed with TCU’s students’ level of maturity.

    “I was blown away with how receptive the students are about the idea of relationship, “ Beaudine said.