Chancellor spreads kindness on campus through “free hugs”


    Chancellor Boschini brought smiles to students as he transformed a normal walk by the library Thursday afternoon into an unexpected conversation and embrace.

    Boschini gave out the hugs as a part of Random Acts of Kindness, a movement within TheCrew, in their day of “Free Hugs.”

    “Getting a hug from the chancellor made my day,” junior biochemistry major Andy Godwin said.

    The team filled the academic commons with hugs and smiles, bringing a simple act of kindness to TCU’s campus.

    “I’m for anything that promotes kindness,” Boschini said.

    Junior English major Mary Lindsey said that the simple act was comforting.

    “It doesn’t take a lot, but a hug makes you feel so good when you walk away,” Lindsey said.

    As students, faculty and tour groups on campus passed by, the chancellor not only hugged them but also took the time to have a conversation and ask about their day.

    “The fact that he just called me by my first name and asked me where I’m from and how my day has been is amazing,” sophomore accounting major Erica Lewin said. “I feel like no other school has that.”

    Boschini said that acts of kindness are not something one has to invent at TCU because it already exists here.

    “This event reinforces in everybody the importance of maintaining some of the key elements of TCU, and one of those key elements is the way that we treat each other,” Boschini said.

    The students said that hugs have the power to show that people care. Godwin agreed and said that “if someone hugs you, they definitely care about you and how your day is going.”

    “It made me feel better, so I hope it made the students feel better too,” Boschini said.