Word of Truth looks to raise campus profile


    Word of Truth Ministries has been on campus for over 25 years, but the members of this gospel choir said they feel like they are just getting started.

    The group comes together for worship, praise, singing and the occasional board game.

    Arion Taylor, president of Word of Truth, said she joined the group on a whim at the urging of her roommate during her first year at TCU.

    “She and I would always harmonize with each other, and one day she told me to come check out this gospel choir she joined,” Taylor, a senior economics major, said.

    From then on, Taylor became involved in every aspect of the organization. She served as Word of Truth’s advertising and public relations director her sophomore year and then ran for president when the position opened up.

    “There were a lot of good coincidences that let me end up here,” Taylor said. “I feel like I almost fell into it.”

    Weekly meetings begin with a prayer and bible study led by Alicia Mayfield, a sophomore movement science major and the group’s chaplain. Then Taylor makes announcements and Quortni Hunt, the choir’s director, leads rehearsal.

    Word of Truth is currently practicing for its major concert of the semester.

    Hunt, a senior fashion merchandising major, said she also became involved with Word of Truth her freshman year.

    “I directed choir back home in Arkansas, so I got pulled into the directing position that way,” Hunt said.

    Both Hunt and Taylor said joining the group has given far more to them than just a weekly meeting with other students.

    “Ultimately, the family atmosphere that we have created is my favorite part,” Hunt said. “In a family, you grow and mature, and that’s one thing that I appreciate and cherish.”

    Taylor said her favorite part has been getting to know the other members on a personal level.

    “It’s one thing to just come to the meetings and have fun, but the people that come here are so great and unique – I really enjoy the bond that I’ve been able to build with them,” she said.

    Taylor said she hopes to raise Word of Truth to a status on par with that of fraternities and sororities. She said she wants to bring the organization of those groups to Word of Truth. 

    Word of Truth is open to everyone. Meetings are on Tuesdays in the Zeidman room on the third floor of the Brown-Lupton University Union from 7-9 p.m.