Young alumni return to campus to talk about money


    The Money Talks program broke an attendance record Wednesday evening with more than 30 students in attendance.

    Brooke Shuman, transitions coordinator for Student Development Services, said they normally have about ten students attend so this event was a great turnout.

    On the panel were four young alumni including Justin Anderson, class of 2009; Haley Jacobi, class of 2013; Adrian Johnston, class of 2011; and Jason Wallace, class of 2009.

    Students got the opportunity to hear personal experiences from the panel and advice on how to be financially prepared before graduating.

    Rachel Yeselson, a senior interior design major, said she found the event beneficial and enjoyed hearing the alumni’s stories.

    The panel discussed different topics such as ways to manage money and the importance of prioritizing.

    Jacobi said she likes to use visuals as a way to keep up with her finances.

    “Using spreadsheets and cash works best for me because I can see exactly where my money goes,” Jacobi said.

    First-year social work major Breana Brown said her biggest financial concern is her tendency to spend too much and not being able to fix that by the time she graduates.

    Wallace said in order to avoid penalizing consequences it is important to pay bills first, then have fun.

    The alumni also addressed establishing and maintaining good credit.

    “Before tonight, I was terrified to get a credit card but I learned it is okay to have one as long as I use it appropriately,” Brown said.

    Students were given a financial quick start packet along with a spreadsheet to practice estimating their expenses. Shuman said it is the life skills outside of the classroom that students can benefit from.

    Currently, Money Talks occurs twice a semester but Shuman said the program is looking to increase that number in the future.