Student makes effort to research student opinions on feminism


    A student on campus is making an effort to find out where TCU students stand on the subject of feminism by handing out surveys and encouraging students to share their opinions on a Tumblr page.

    Caisey Robertson, senior writing major and women’s studies minor, is making her way to classes on campus to begin her research on student opinions of feminism for her senior thesis project.

    “I found that a lot of people our age kind of don’t really like feminism or some people do like feminism, there’s a very fluid definition of what feminism is and means and how it’s relevant today,” Robertson said.

    According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of feminism is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities.

    Robertson has asked many professors on campus if she could stop by and speak about her research project. Robertson said she’s received a lot of responses from faculty encouraging her to stop by their classes and hand out surveys.

    Shannon Edmond, junior marketing major, said that she identifies as a feminist.

    “Feminism is a very positive thing because it’s bringing a new aspect to the way we think,” Edmond said.

    Although feminism is geared mostly toward females, Robertson said a lot of the comments and opinions she’s received so far have been from males.

    “The project is mostly focused on female undergraduate students, though I have opened it up as well to male students who are interested in learning about it and so far I’ve actually gotten more male responses than females,” Robertson said.

    Raul Marez, junior studio art major, said feminism is still important today.

    “I think that women should have equal rights as men,” Marez said.

    Robertson says she still has a few weeks left to gather her responses but hopes to see her research project continue long after she graduates.

    “I’d really like to be able to hand the blog down to another women’s studies student to build off my research and get somewhere further with people on campus,” Robertson said.

    Robertson said she hopes to get students talking more about feminism and encourages students to write on her Tumblr blog about what it’s like to be a woman on campus or their thoughts on feminism.