Students learn how to live a healthy lifestyle at health fair


    Students and staff walked from one table to another learning about the eight dimensions of wellness during the TCU Health and Wellness Fair on Wednesday at the Campus Recreation Center.

    Attendees were able to watch a healthy cooking demonstration, get a free chair massage, take a free group workout class and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle.

    Jay Iorizzo, associate director of Campus Recreation, spearheaded the event, and was very happy with the outcome.

    “I think it went fantastic, when you look around, you can feel the energy of the people and the facility with all of the different departments and vendors,” Iorizzo said.

    There were tables that represented the eight dimensions of wellness, lead by either an on-campus department or local vendor. Each table was accompanied by an activity they had to complete in order to get a stamp on their passport.

    Passports were given to students to fill up by visiting eight different tables, represent each of the eight dimensions. Once the passport was filled up, students would be eligible for a grand prize raffle.

    Libby Vincek, junior film-TV-digital media major, said the TCU Health and Wellness Fair was very helpful in educating her on the different dimensions of wellness, and resources on campus.

    “I thought it was very useful, very beneficial for me, especially getting to know all of the different resources that we have around campus,” she said.

    Lauren Clemence, sophomore nutrition major, said the event was important for students so they can learn more about their overall well-being.

    “I think it’s important because it offers students different ways to improve their daily routine,” Clemence said. “It also raises awareness for how important wellness is at this time in our lives.”