Students speak out at ‘Kappa Krush the Mic’


    In front of an audience gathered at the Brown Lupton University Union Auditorium Thursday, Elijah Herring, a first-year nursing major spoke about his tough second semester.

    In March, Herring was arrested on suspicion of theft in the amount of $50 to $500. He confessed to stealing multiple wallets from the student recreational center.

    “It has been a testing semester. I have been through so much this semester and now looking back from reflection I know it was all for the glory of God. I know that this is nothing but a test, nothing but a trial that God is putting me through so I can impact and give somebody else hope further down his line,” said Herring.

    Herring then recited his poem, “My Ambition.”

    “I was twice tipped over, one too many times and today, no one was there to catch me. So a piece of me has chipped away and my lackluster exterior has become a lucid cause for your view of my beauty and grace. So I guess I’m cracked, but you best believe I am far from broken,” he said.

    Herring was not the only student who shared a story about overcoming an obstacle at Kappa Alpha Psi’s Kappa Krush the Mic, an event where students are able to share their talents with the TCU community.

    First-year acting major Chandler Ferguson, who played his saxophone at the event, shared his story about his attempted suicide.

    “When I was younger I used to get bullied, to the point were I couldn’t take it, to the point I would cry, to the point where I tried to kill myself,” Ferguson said. “ But something stopped me, something far more bigger than myself, my family, my life and God.”

    While Herring and Ferguson’s performances were inspiring, many of the other performances were more cheerful.

    Some students sang and rapped their favorite songs and the Word of Truth gospel choir, which Herring is a member of, sang “There Is No Way” by Ricky Dillard.

    Once the performances ended, the audience was able to choose which two performances were the best. The two winners received 40 percent of the money raised from admission.

    The winners were decided by the loudness of the audience’s cheers while the event’s host, Earnest Dominick held his hand above a performer.

    The crowd cheered the loudest for the Word of Truth gospel choir’s director Quortni Hunt and Herring.

    “His piece in itself was really touching and it was from the heart because everyone knows what happened, it’s in the media,” said Dominick. “I think that was a really good opportunity on his part to discuss the matter, wash his hands of it, and just let go.”

    Kappa Alpha Psi President Alex Adewunmi said the feeling the auditorium was euphoric when Herring was announced as one of the winners.

    “We were all just captured by his words. And we knew that he was a very intelligent young man and he has a very promising future, and it was really great to see him show us that through his words,” said Adewunmi. “I think we were all really proud of Elijah Herring tonight and it was good to see him continuing to move forward after a very long year.”