Frog Corps starts new tradition at spring concert


    TCU Frog Corps headlined a spring concert on Thursday, donning their traditional purple blazers.

    Upon graduation, members have been forced to return their blazers, making this performance the last time seniors would wear them.

    “[The jackets] have become one of the biggest incentives to join,” said Brad White, an instructor in choral music and the founder of Frog Corps.

    Before the concert ended, White started a new tradition. Four senior members were awarded their lifetime blazers and received matching purple hangers.

    Dillon Burns, a mechanical engineering major, Quinton Gregor,, a philosophy major, Sam Hassler, a strategic communication major and Mitch McNeily, a marketing major, all received their lifetime blazers.

    Carson Henderson, a sophomore communication studies major and Frog Corps member, said the blazers are extremely important to the group.

    “I feel that the purple blazers represent Frog Corps as a bond between the men who are in the choir,” said Carson. “It was great seeing those guys get those jackets, a little emotional, but great to see them being honored for their service and commitment to Frog Corps.”

    When the organization began three years ago, they were a small group that had not yet established their uniform. That was until Chancellor Victor Boschini, curious about the new organization, walked into one of Frog Corps’ first practices and donated the blazers.

    White coined the new alumna group as “The Purple Hanger Society” and will award the blazers and their matching hangers to graduating seniors at their final performance each spring semester. It’s the newest of many traditions White has initiated in Frog Corps, which he credits as functioning similar to a fraternity.

    White said, “Now just try and fit in those in 20 years.”