Rockett: Politics plays important role for women in the workforce


    Knowing how to rightfully participate in politics is just as important to advancing a woman’s career as her skill and education level in the current workforce, according to a speaker on behalf of the Women’s Business Network.

    Tracey Rockett, associate professor of professional practice in TCU’s Neeley School of Business, spoke about how women in the workforce may benefit from “Playing Politics Like a Girl” on Wednesday evening. Rockett spoke on behalf of the Women’s Business Network.

    Politics are defined as any activities that one engages in to increase his or her power or better pursue his or her interests, according to Rockett.

    Rockett said managing relationships to complete more tasks stands as a key component to practicing good politics. For women desiring to climb the corporate ladder, Rockett said becoming more comfortable and strategic in using politics is paramount.

    “It’s all about putting people together to create additional benefits for your organization,” said Dr. Rockett. “So asking for favors and giving favors is important.”

    Additionally, Rockett said that one should not be afraid to ask her superiors for what she wants or deserves. She also said one may advance her career through self-promotion rather than continually minimizing her contributions and achievements.

    “We are on the same playing field as men so we need to do a better job of acting like it rather than being held back by the stereotype that women are inferior to men in the workplace,” said Vice President of Operations for the Women’s Business Network and junior finance major Stephanie Aviles.

    Getting involved in and being able to hold a conversation about traditionally male-dominated activities like golf and baseball may also help women level the playing field in the workplace, said Rockett.

    “Dr. Rockett’s lecture was pretty specific to women so it was great for both men and women to be in attendance tonight learning about this,” said Lauryn Dando, president of the Neeley Women’s Business Network and junior accounting major.

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