KTCU, theCrew host Easter egg hunts


    KTCU and theCrew surprised the TCU community with Easter egg hunts Thursday.

    Students and faculty formed two Easter egg hunts, one intended to serve as a promotion and the other to show an act of kindness.

    As students and faculty walked around campus Thursday, some came across an Easter egg. When they picked it up and opened it, they found a piece of paper that directed them to the KTCU radio station in Moudy South to pick up a prize.

    The prizes were flower arrangements from the TCU Florist, gift cards from McAllister’s, Buffalo Bros and Sol de Luna and KTCU gift packs.

    Russell Scott, instructor and director of KTCU, said the egg hunt was a KTCU student’s idea.

    “They have been excited and had fun collecting their prizes,” said Scott. “We may bring it back next year.”

    KTCU hid 65 Easter eggs around campus to promote the radio station.

    “We’ve been talking about promotion to raise awareness of KTCU and have fun,” Scott said.

    TheCrew also organized an Easter egg hunt on campus.

    April Brown, assistant director of Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services, said she found a box of Easter eggs as she walked up the steps of Jarvis.

    “It was an unexpected surprise,” Brown said.

    She picked up an Easter egg from the basket, opened it, and found a note inside that read, “please take one and leave some for others.”

    “A small blessing can brighten someone’s day,” she said.