TEDxTCU speakers discuss change


    The Brown-Lupton University Union Auditorium was filled with 100 students, faculty and family members on Tuesday night for this year’s TEDxTCU talks on change.

    The six speakers each talked about changes they think need to happen in society.

    According to the TEDxTCU Twitter page, TCU made the cut for this year’s round of TEDx university talks after a successful event in 2013.

    TCU admission counselor and class of 2013 graduate Kyle Cochran said he applied to be a speaker because he wants graduating seniors to seize any opportunities they are given.

    “Having just left college and getting a job in the real world, I want students to realize what they can do right now,” said Cochran. “I have a big passion for students getting involved in college and making the most of their time here, which is truly why I’m participating in TEDxTCU.”

    “I think that college students always have the opportunity to change, and this is the perfect time to do just that,” Cochran said.

    One student speaker talked about the media and how it affects perceived beauty, while another discussed homosexuality and identity in the LGBTQ community.

    Amit Lalvani, junior finance major and organizer of TEDxTCU, said the event was meant to challenge people to make even small changes in their lives.

    “Professionals in the workforce are oftentimes not the ones with the best ideas. It’s these creative students with an incredible passion for something,” said Lalvani. “TEDxTCU aims to allow these student speakers to make their own change on campus and in the world, and I think that they’re doing just that.”