TCU uses new warehouse for more than library storage


    The university’s new warehouse on West Bolt Street is being used for more than just making space for renovations in the Mary Couts Burnett library.

    The new facility allows various university departments to consolidate unused items in one location, said Lisa Albert, director of strategic communications.

    “The storage consolidation will allow the university to terminate leases at other storage facilities leased by the university around town,” Albert said.

    The facility on West Bolt Street provides about 30,000 square feet of storage space, Albert said.

    James Lutz, director of library administrative services, said the new facility is better-suited for storing books.

    “[The old facility] is a little bit further away from our campus. Our storage mechanism out there was on standard library shelving,” Lutz said. “In some ways it’s a very inefficient storage out there.”

    Craig Allen, director of Housing and Residence Life, said their office uses the storage space mainly for items such as dressers, chairs, beds, desks and dining equipment.

    Allen said having extra items in storage means that Housing and Residence Life will be prepared in case they ever need to replace furniture.

    “The most basic reason is that occasionally sometimes things break,” Allen said. “We have to keep a certain amount of inventory on hand in the event that something like that would happen.”