TCU football in jeopardy of facing NCAA penalties for low APR


    TCU football will face penalties from the National Collegiate Athletic Association if the team’s academics don’t improve.

    The NCAA released the 2012-2013 Academic Progress Rate (APR), which is a system that awards points to student-athletes.

    According to the NCAA, each student-athlete earns one point for good grades and one point for staying in school. So, there is a maximum of two points for each student-athlete.

    The total points earned is then divided by the total possible points and is then multiplied by 1,000 to get the APR for the semester.

    If a team’s average falls below 930, then the team could face penalties. The average is composed of scores from the past four years. TCU football’s four-year average is 945, falling close to the required average.

    According to the public report, TCU football’s 2012-2013 APR was 910.

    The report states that this APR puts them in the 30th-40th percentile compared to other football teams.

    The team’s APR from 2009-2010 is 945, so the team’s academics will have to improve once they lose that number in the average next year or they could drop below 930.

    According to the Fort Worth Star Telegram, TCU athletic director Chris del Conte said: “I’m well aware of our APR and we have a plan in place to make sure we stay above 930, and I anticipate we will. Our staff has a plan in place to ensure we stay above the cut line in the years to come.”

    One Big 12 team is already facing penalties due to falling below the 930 average. While Oklahoma State University’s APR for 2012-2013 was 934, their four year average fell to 929, resulting in a level one penalty. The team will now face a practice reduction, according to the report.