Dean of Honors College taking health-related leave of absence


    Dr. Peggy Watson, dean of the John V. Roach Honors College, is taking a health-related leave of absence.

    Provost Nowell Donovan announced Watson will be taking a health-related leave of absence next year during the TCU Faculty Senate meeting on May 1.

    In an interview, Donovan said Watson’s decision stemmed from health complications due to a back injury.

    “She’s had health problems connected to a fall she had that have suddenly got worse,” Donovan said. “She was hoping to do some back surgery over vacation, but it’s gotten worse.”

    Donovan said the announcement of an interim replacement will be made in roughly 10 days and around 20 candidates are being considered. Donovan also mentioned a nationwide search for a long-term replacement will begin next year and Watson will remain a member of the TCU faculty despite being out of office.

    Chancellor Victor Boschini said the long-term selection process will take a full year and the president of the Honors Cabinet, a group of honors students elected by their peers, will be involved in the process.

    Boschini also said Watson’s impact on TCU has been huge because of her social skills and her advocacy for honors.

    “I think her impact has been huge because she is a good people person,” Boschini said. “She’s also been a great advocate for the students in honors. She’s gone on the Honors frog camps, she does their individual meetings with them, and she’s done a lot with the Honors Cabinet, especially over the years.”

    Katy O’Brien, a sophomore at TCU and member of the Honors College, wished Watson well and said she hopes Watson gets healthy soon.

    “The staff as a whole should be able to do just fine in the interim time of her absence,” O’Brien said. “We should wish her well and hope she does what she needs to do to be in good health.”