IT Support Desk moves to Carter Tech


    The IT Support Desk has moved from its original location in the library to the Carter Tech Center.

    The move of the IT desk is a result of the library renovation project. An email sent out by the IT HelpDesk said the new location of the IT desk is in the center of the campus commons and is readily available to the TCU community.

    The new location is closer to student dorms and will be more convenient for students who need IT help.

    Joshua Tooley, the Associate Director of IT Support, said that he expects student traffic to increase, but faculty and staff traffic to slightly decrease because they are not near the academic side of campus anymore.

    “We are right in the heart of the campus commons and much closer to a large portion of the residential side of campus, which is a big part of what we service,” Tooley said.

    Some students were not aware of the move to Carter Tech.

    “There’s still some discussion on what kind of communication is going to come from the library during their transition because they have a lot of services that are now being moved to different parts of the library.” Tooley said. “The help desk has some plans throughout the summer to remind people that the desk’s location has changed, some signage and more email communication.”

    Katie Grosvenor, a junior speech pathology major, said she is not sure if the move of the IT desk to a more central location will increase student traffic through the area since some students are unaware of the move. “I feel like there are more kids would go to the library anyways, but maybe,” Grosvenor said.

    Tooley said the expected time that the IT desk will remain in Carter Tech will be approximately 18 months, or whenever the library is finished with renovations. “Since the library construction has started, the time table could change,” he said.

    The IT help desk will continue to operate during its normal hours. The hours can be found on the IT Support Helpdesk home page.