TCU alum starts moving business employing veterans


    TCU alum Zach Freeman is working to make a difference in the local Dallas/Fort Worth area with his company, Veterans Moving America.

    Veterans Moving America “is a values-based moving company that exclusively hires American veterans,” according to the business’ website. Their slogan reads: “allow your veterans to serve you again.”

    Freeman knew he wanted his business to add value to the community surrounding him so he decided to focus on improving the lives of veterans. Freeman witnessed firsthand the struggles this group experienced when his family took in a former marine for almost three years after the recession hit in 2008. “In that time I got to see a lot of the challenges that veterans faced,” Freeman said.

    “I had always known that I wanted whatever company I started to be about more than just making money. I don’t think there is anything wrong with making money. I just think, why can’t you do good at the same time?” Freeman said.

    Freeman graduated TCU in May 2013 with a BBA in both entrepreneurial management and supply chain management. After he graduated, Freeman said he was overwhelmed by the amount of support he obtained from past professors as well as the overall TCU faculty.

    “It is the people that make up TCU that have played such a vital role from the very beginning,” Freeman said. “Having that support gave me the confidence to take that leap of faith.”

    Some of that support also came from veteran students who were searching for employment after they completed their time at TCU, like TCU alum John Hughes.

    “I respect Mr. Freeman because he gives us a chance to do something after college,” said Hughes, a former employee of Veterans Moving America.

    In the future, Freeman said he hopes to expand his company to move people throughout Texas and then throughout the United States and, in turn, hiring veterans all over the country.