Standing desks on the rise at TCU


    With standing desks becoming more popular in the workplace, several TCU faculty members are catching on to the trend.

    Articles of recent studies are coming out revealing the benefits of standing rather than sitting at a desk. Consequently, standing desks are becoming more popular because of the physical and mental benefits.

    Many workplaces are adopting this new trend of having a standing desk. Some workplaces have desks attached to treadmills so that people can walk and work at the same time.

    The American Cancer Association said in a press release people who sat for extended periods of time were at a higher risk of mortality than those who sat for shorter periods of time.

    Assistant to the Dean of the College of Communication Dorenda Kesler has an adjustable stand-up desk in her office. Kesler uses the stand-up desk for her computer and her sitting desk as a workspace.

    “I’m more alert and more productive mentally,” Kesler said.

    Kesler does not think that the popularity of standing desks will catch on at TCU though.

    She said classrooms already have standing podiums and faculty members spend their time in the office only during office hours.

    “I don’t know if the investment would warrant that for faculty offices,” Kesler said. “Now staff and administrative offices, maybe so.”

    Lisa Aven works for the physical plant and is in charge of ordering desks for the university. Aven said she has a standing desk in her office and really enjoys using it.

    Faculty are showing more interest in these desks and are requesting more to be ordered, Avens said.

    “So far there are about 30 standing desks provided for staff,” she said. “There are 15 currently on campus and 15 being ordered.”

    Financially, these desks range from $800 to $1000 for the work station and base.

    Robert Hillery, a junior music education major, said it would be interesting to see standing desks provided for students.

    “I think that the standing desks should be placed in the library to see how they work out,” Hillery said. “It would be a good location to test it among the students.”