Opinion: Weekend’s baseball matchup a tale of two cities


    When the TCU baseball team faces Pepperdine University in this weekend’s super regional series at Lupton Stadium, two similar but very different schools will collide in the ultimate culture clash.

    At first glance, TCU and Pepperdine appear to have many things in common. They are both private universities and both affiliated with the Christian religion.

    The schools also share many of the same Greek chapters and both have many of the same sports programs as well as strong alumni backing.

    Even enrollment numbers are similar at each university. 9,925 students are enrolled at TCU, according to the school’s website. As for Pepperdine, approximately 7,700 students are enrolled, according to its website.

    Women outnumber men at both schools and white is the dominant demographic at both schools as well.

    However, while both schools may seem similar, the cities where these schools are located couldn’t be further apart.

    Malibu, Calif., the location of Pepperdine, is a coastal city known for its warm, sandy beaches and for being the home of many of today’s brightest stars in the entertainment industry.

    Incorporated in 1991, Malibu is home to 12,832 people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Of those 12,832, 91.5 percent are white.

    1,235 miles east, Fort Worth, Texas, is a historical city rich in Western culture. From the Fort Worth Stockyards to the numerous Longhorn seen grazing in empty fields, the city’s country roots are evident throughout the area.

    Unlike Malibu, Fort Worth has a very large and diverse population. According the the U.S. Census Bureau, 777,992 people live in Fort Worth. Of those 777,992, 34.1 percent are Hispanic or Latino and 18.9 percent are African-American.

    Fort Worth was also incorporated in 1873, over 100 years before Malibu was.

    On the other hand, Malibu is located at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains, which just a stone’s throw away from the Pacific Ocean.

    To reach the Gulf of Mexico, Fort Worth residents would have to drive 676 miles southeast, according to Google Maps. The average resident of Malibu makes $95,615 per year, whereas Fort Worth citizens earn just $24,338, according to the census.

    In a battle of Hollywood vs. the Alamo, the Horned Frogs and Waves will put their clashing cultures to the test this weekend. First pitch for the series opener is 3 p.m. Saturday.