Construction causes walkway rerouting


    Construction is making a simple walk through campus a little more confusing this summer. Students on campus will notice temporary fencing blocking their normal route.

    The TCU Physical Plant sent an email sent to faculty and staff regarding the construction and how it impacts walkways in the Intellectual Commons.

    “Construction activity in the Intellectual Commons area on the east side of campus necessitates re-routing foot traffic in that area during the summer,” the email stated.

    “During this time, please keep well away from construction zones and observe the temporary signage that will be posted with additional information.”

    The walkway on the east side of the Tucker Technology Center is currently being worked on.

    Signs are posted on the fences next to the building where the re-routing is happening to guide students on where to go.

    Students who need to cross over from the middle of the Intellectual Commons over to the Bass Building or that general area would need to navigate through Tucker.

    Freshman nursing major Micah Hutcherson said the construction and the re-routing of the walkways are a little confusing, but the school is handling it well. 

    “It seems like some of the walkways are gone but there are signs that are around to guide us where we need to go,” she said.

    Pam Frable, the college coordinator for the Bass Building project, said walkway construction and re-routing will constantly be happening. 

    “The walkways will be re-routed regularly over the summer,” Frable said. “They will be re-routed again. The current walkways will exist this week and next week unless something, like rain, happens in that time, but they will be moved again.”

    Frable said the north side of the building between Bass and Dan Rogers will eventually have a fire lane placed there and will act as a walkway. 

    The walkway on the east side of Tucker is currently closed off, but will be opened up again eventually. Site work continues to occur around walkways to make the area look nicer.