Library shines new face as construction continues


    Students and faculty are buzzing about the six towering columns on the exterior renovations of the Mary Couts Burnett Library.

    First-year nursing major Adrien Rohmer prefers the new entrance of the library to the old one.

    “It looks way better with all the columns. It is absolutely gorgeous,” Rohmer said. “It just adds more beauty to the campus. The TCU campus is already unlike any other campus that I have seen.”

    The library renovation has been happening for several months. Students and others on TCU’s campus will finally be able to experience climbing up the new entrance’s stairs for the first time this summer.

    James Lutz, the Director of Library Administrative Services, said he expects people to be amazed when they enter the new west entrance for the first time. Lutz also said people are positively responding to the library renovations over social media.

    “As each step progresses, we document it and put it on Twitter and Facebook,” he said. “On Twitter it becomes the most viral thing we have. Some students at home say ‘this is my home away from home and I can’t wait to see it.'”

    Library Dean June Koelker said students will be able to gain access to the west entrance towards the end of June. Further renovations will continue, however.

    “The renovation of the east wing of the library will begin after the new West entrance is open,” Koelker said. “That construction is scheduled to be complete in time for fall semester 2015.”

    When one entrance opens, another must close. The old south entrance students are accustomed to using will be closed right after the new west entrance opens. Renovation to the east side of the library will be underway once the south entrance closes.

    Space remains a problem in the library with continuing renovations.

    “Space is extremely limited,” Lutz said. “The 1980s renovation is the same size as the entire 1920s and 1950s combined. These next 16 months we are going to be living in half the building that you are used to living in. “

    Lutz said they are trying to maintain as much space as they can. Quiet seating is going to be a lot more difficult to find because of the limited space.

    For now, students will have to be flexible when finding a space to study.