Alcohol and Drug Education Center hosts Drug Trends Workshop


    The Alcohol and Drug Education Center hosted a guest speaker Wednesday afternoon in the BLUU chambers to discuss current drug trends that could affect TCU’s students.

    John Haenes, Chief Operations Officer of the Tarrant County Challenge, spoke about local substances available in the area and the effects they have on users, said associate director of the Alcohol and Drug Education Center Yvonne Giovanis.

    Giovanis said she hopes participants walked away with “a better understanding of what they are hearing” on campus.

    “We have noticed there is a need or an interest in professional development within our own division on campus,” said Giovanis. “We are trying to provide some different professional opportunities by continuing education to make sure our staff here on campus is as skilled as they can be.”

    More than 40 people registered to partake in the workshop. Audience members included the Student Affairs staff and other TCU faculty members.

    Giovanis said this was a “great turn out” considering it was the first time an event like this had been held by the Alcohol and Drug Education Center.

    The Tarrant County Challenge is a nonprofit organization that works to “eliminate substance abuse by mobilizing Tarrant County, its communities and agencies, in developing and implementing comprehensive, coordinated strategies for substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment and awareness,” according to its website

    The Alcohol and Drug Education Center has had a long standing relationship with the Tarrant County Challenge said Giovanis.

    “[Drugs] are all part of our community – both here at TCU and in Fort Worth and Tarrant County at large,” wrote Tiara Nugent, Tarrant County Challenge employee and program director of the TCU Community Coalition Project, in an email.

    “These are community-wide trends and everyone needs to be knowledgeable about them so they can identify and assist anyone they might come in contact with who is struggling. The Alcohol and Drug Education Center is planning another workshop for the fall semester. This event will focus on interventions and motivational interviewing.”