Construction update: Worth Hills Multi-Purpose Center


    A new building in Worth Hills is under construction to accommodate student life.

    The Worth Hills Multi-Purpose Center is a $21 million project set to be complete in January 2015.

    Craig Allen, the Director of Housing and Residence Life, said this project is a part of an extensive plan for Worth Hills.

    “The entire Worth Hills project was in the planning process for many years,” Allen said. “The site work for this project finally began in December 2013.”

    “Students will have a place to congregate, study, eat, have meetings and do anything pertaining to student life. We wanted to create a venue for the students so that they can do all that.”

    Allen said the space will have Fraternity and Sorority Life offices and rooms where fraternities and sororities can meet and have functions. Rooms will be available for programs and clubs to hold meetings in.

    “All this will be wrapped up in the new building and it is all going to be for students,” Allen said.

    The center will contain three dining venues and a coffee shop. The dining venues will seat approximately 340 people, including seating both inside and outside, according to the TCU Physical Plant’s website,

    Allen said he is not a big fan of the term ‘multi-purpose facility.’ 

    “This is a student center. It will focus around the students and student life,” he said. “When people call it ‘multi-purpose,’ they don’t know what it means.”

    The multi-purpose center will be open late into the night. 

    A section of the facility is also planned to be open 24/7. This will give students the opportunity to hang out and study through the late hours of the night.

    James Lutz, the Director of Library Administrative Services said the multi-purpose center will be a big help during the library renovation period. 

    “The limited space in the library will cause students to hunt for other places on campus to study,” Lutz said. “The good news is that the new multi-purpose building will be opened up by January and that will give students a place to study.”