Bass Building renovation halfway complete


    The Annie Richardson Bass Building’s makeover is halfway done.

    The TCU Physical Plant’s website says the construction on the Bass Building addition began in March 2013. Renovations to the building as a whole began in May 2014.

    Pam Frable, the college coordinator for the Bass Building Project, said the Bass Building Project is broken down into three phases. 

    Phase one, which is nearing completion, involves the new addition to the building. The second phase continues the addition before working on the first and third floors of the existing building. 

    The final phase focuses on the renovations to the second floor of Bass.

    The new addition to the Bass Building is set to be open in the fall of 2014. The only part that will not be open during the fall is the second floor.

    Harold Leeman, the director of facility planning and construction, said classes taken out of the second floor of Bass will be relocated.

    “Classes that we take out will be accommodated in two places,” Leeman said. “A lot of students will be taught in Rees-Jones Hall, which will be open in August. Some simulation classes will be handled on the first and third floors of Bass.” 

    Frable said space on the other floors in Bass will have to serve as double duty to accommodate the loss of space on the second floor. She also mentioned a lot of collaboration was put into the renovation. 

    “Faculty on the first and third floor have had to pack up their offices and move out for this summer,” Frable said. “They are going to have to move more than once, but they have been very cooperative about it.”

    She said those who moved out this summer will move back into their offices while the faculty on the second floor will move out of their offices into other office spaces around campus. 

    “It’s been a disruptive process with everyone having to pack up, move and then have to pack up and move again,” Frable said. “There has not been one person who has not had to move.”

    Linbeck Construction, the university and the Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences have to work together as a team in order for things to run smoothly. 

    “There has been a lot of effort made to make things move forward as smoothly as possible with as few interruptions as possible,” Frable said. 

    “If there was a classroom that was up against construction, the college would communicate with the construction company. There would be a system made so that the construction company would be quiet if there was a test happening in that classroom.”

    Frable said this renovation marks a new era for the Harris College.

    The Bass Building project is set to be complete in December 2014.