Daniel-Meyer Coliseum in midst of $63 million renovation


    Daniel-Meyer Coliseum, TCU’s basketball stadium, is currently receiving a $63 million renovation to its interior design and exterior facade.

    The ticket office and entrance for the DMC were torn down a few weeks ago as part of the plans for the renovation.

    Harold Leeman, the director of facility planning and construction, said the old DMC was outdated.

    “There will be all new concession stands and room for people to stand around at tables,” he said. “Restrooms will also be redone to accommodate more people.”

    Among the renovations will be an expansion to allow more space for people.

    “The corridors will be built outwards,” Leeman said. “It will allow a lot of people to walk around without feeling cramped.”

    The floor level in the coliseum will not remain the same either.

    “We have a lot of space between the floor and the seating bowl, so what we are going to do is lower the floor about five feet,” he said. “This allows us to put more seats on the floor level and not have them break the view from the people in the bowl.”

    A part of the building structure will be demolished to allow the floor to be lowered.

    The past month involved rerouting electrical wiring and fiber through the DMC. Water and sanitary sewer lines ran through the new footprints, so crews have been working on rerouting them to accomodate.

    An office tower will also be built for the coaches.

    “We are trying to consolidate all our coaches- track, golf, and all the others, and we are building an office tower for them,” Leeman said. “The three story tower will have the coaches’ offices on the second floor.”

    A Hall of Fame space will be created within the DMC, which includes memorabilia, uniforms, big screens to interact with and more to show off the TCU Athletics program.

    “When you walk in, there will be this really cool space that you will see all the sports and their uniforms,” Leeman said. “This was not originally in the budget, but we were able to include it now.”

    A lot of work is being put into the DMC renovation to meet up to the Big 12 standards and exceed everyone’s expectations.

    TCU Assistant Athletics Director Mark Cohen wrote in an email, “Our new basketball home will be tremendous source of pride for TCU and Fort Worth.”

    People commented on social media about the tearing down of the old DMC entrance and ticket office. 

    One commenter on Instagram wrote, “Lots of memories in that place.”

    Another commenter looked forward to the renovations because it marks a new era for TCU basketball. The men’s team went 9-22 overall and winless in conference play last season.

    “Take the losses with you,” the commenter wrote. “It’s time for a new era of Frogs hoops!”

    Both the men’s and women’s teams are expected to play in Wilkerson-Greines Activity Center next season while renovations continue.

    Upon completion, the 332,000 square-foot facility will seat up to 6,860 people, according to the TCU Physical Plant’s website. The goal for the completion date of the Daniel-Meyer Coliseum is October 2015.