Brite Divinity School receives redesigned ID cards


    Faculty, staff and students at Brite Divinity School are expected to begin using redesigned ID cards this summer.

    D. Newell Williams, the school’s president, wrote in an e-mail that the new cards will have Brite’s name and logo on them instead of TCU’s. Williams also wrote the Harrison Building will replace the Brown-Lupton University Union as the card’s background image.

    “Brite and TCU, despite their close collaboration are, in fact, independent institutions,” Williams wrote. “That being the case, it seemed appropriate to members of the TCU administration for Brite and TCU to have distinctive ID cards.”

    Williams wrote the decision to redesign the cards was made in the spring.

    Brite Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Jeffrey Williams wrote in an e-mail access to campus resources and services will not change. He also added Brite and TCU have communicated the change clearly across campus.

    “My concern was simply that a TCU staff member might turn away a Brite student or initially reject admission to an event or office that required ID card access if they were not aware that some people on campus have different ID cards,” Jeffrey Williams wrote.

    “As a result, we wanted to be sure that all of the offices across campus that accept ID cards were made aware that they would now be seeing two types of ID cards (one for Brite and one for TCU) instead of only the TCU card.”

    The new ID cards can be obtained at the TCU ID Center located in Room 2033 of the BLUU, according to the school’s website. All current faculty, staff and students must obtain a new ID card.

    Incoming freshmen will receive their ID cards during new student orientation Aug. 21-22, according to the website.

    If a faculty member, staff member or student does not acquire a new ID card by Sept. 15, the website states his or her current ID card will cease functioning on campus.