Provost promotes Koehler Center director to assistant provost position


    Provost Nowell Donovan recently promoted Romana Hughes, former director of the William H. Koehler Center for Teaching Excellence, to assistant provost of educational technology and faculty development.

    Hughes wrote in an email that Donovan promoted her with a recommendation from Dr. Leo Munson, the associate provost for academic support .

    “It was a surprise but a good plan for our center and TCU,” Hughes wrote.

    Hughes has worked at TCU for 13 years. She wrote that she has found her experience to be rewarding.

    “Working at the Koehler Center brings me joy,” Hughes wrote. “I really have enjoyed the TCU community and have built many very close friendships.”

    Hughes wrote that TCU’s friendly atmosphere has made her job much more enjoyable.

    “I like the community and how the TCU faculty embrace new pedagogy and support teaching and learning with open arms,” she wrote. “I really appreciate the humor on campus and the support and pride on this campus.”

    Amanda Irvin, senior faculty developer, has worked with Hughes for about three years. She said Hughes has been a pleasure to work with.

    “She’s wonderful,” Irvin said. “She’s probably one of the most enthusiastic about helping the university grow and be the best it can be. Every decision she makes is based on what is best for the university. “

    Irvin also said Hughes’ selflessness has made a huge impact on both the Koehler Center and the university.

    “She always makes a point about the fact that there is an entire team of people working with her and behind her to make things possible,” Irvin said. “She makes sure that everyone gets credit for their hard work. She’s a leader.”

    Donovan is currently out of office and could not be reached for comment.

    The Koehler Center is a facility dedicated to faculty development, distance education, and educational technology, according to the center’s website.