New upper-division residence hall to be completed in time for school


    The new upper-division residence hall located behind Marion-Clark Hall in Worth Hills is expected to be ready in time for the upcoming fall semester.

    The $17 million project is almost finished being built, Director of Housing and Residence Life Craig Allen said.

    “This residence hall will only house sophomores and up,” he said. “No freshmen will be in this dorm, but it was open to everyone else during the housing lottery.”

    New Hall 3 is the residence hall’s temporary name.

    “We expect a name to be on it, if not when it opens, shortly after the opening,” Allen said.

    Harold Leeman, the director of facility planning and construction, said the construction of the building will officially be done June 30.

    “The construction is pretty much complete,” he said. “The building is unfurnished, but the month of July will be spent furnishing the rooms, finishing the landscaping and breaking in the systems.”

    New Hall 3 is similar in set up to P.E. Clark, Marion and the Campus Commons dorms. It is expected to have single bedrooms in double, triple or quadruple groupings.

    Each grouping would have an internal bathroom and a living room area. Study rooms will be located on each end of every floor, and the dorm will accommodate around 163 beds.

    The completed building “will be 61,000 square-feet and four stories tall,” according to the TCU Physical Plant’s website.

    “One of the nice things about the new dorms is that there are similarities, like how P.E. Clark is similar to Marion, but each one is unique in its own way,” Allen said.

    “New Hall 3 has more triple groupings unlike the Commons and the lounge spaces will be configured differently. We don’t want them to look or feel the same, but there are just some aspects that are similar.”

    The renovation on Colby will take the upper-division students that were placed in Waits and bring them to New Hall 3, Leeman said.

    New Hall 3 is slated to be ready for residents in August 2014.