Texas National Guard Youth Program to visit TCU


    TCU is expected to be one of three universities the Texas National Guard Youth Program visits this summer to show its members what it takes to attend a private institution.

    On July 11, 35 youth members are scheduled to visit TCU’s campus with the admissions department and the Office of Financial Aid in addition to taking a tour to get a real taste of campus.

    The students will be offered lunch in one of TCU’s dining halls and have the opportunity to meet with TCU ROTC, said Margaret McCarthy, a TCU admissions counselor.

    The program, which provides leadership services for families of the Texas National Guard, will be visiting TCU for the first time, said Lead Child and Youth Coordinator Bob Hankins.

    While on campus, the overall focus doesn’t need to be TCU, but to hear what it takes to get to the college level, Hankins said.

    “Its more like here’s what it’s going to take to be a top notch candidate for a world class school like TCU,” he said. “Here’s what you have to have, because you want the best opportunity for the student.”

    The significance of visiting universities when you’re as young as the eighth grade is to open the student’s eyes to the importance of setting a higher standard, Hankins said.

    “We have kids that see this opportunity and say maybe I do want to go to college,” he said. “I’m hoping kids visit and say this is what I want to do.”

    Along with TCU, students in the Texas National Guard Youth Program will visit Trinity University and San Angelo State University this summer, he said.

    When asked on the importance of the program, Hankins said the Youth Program is one of the crowned jewels in Texas and open to all families of the National Guard.

    “If your dad or mom is in the National Guard, I’m sure we’re going to get you in there,” Hankins said.