TCU Human Resources providing time-management workshop for its staff


    Director of Employee Relations Susan Oakley and Training Specialist Mica Bibb are hosting a Fred Pryor time management workshop next month to provide TCU’s staff with on-campus training.

    TCU Human Resources’ mission is to provide the proper training for our staff to have these skills, Oakley said.

    “Our responsibility in human resources is to the health, well being and productivity of the TCU faculty and staff,” Oakley said. “Getting the job done in a timely fashion is the goal, and it’s our job to help people do that.”

    Noted for creating the “one day seminar,” the Fred Pryor Company has been a leading provider of professional development workshops since it’s founding in 1970. 

    The company specializes in optimal training with a minimal time commitment, said Becky Yelvington, a training consultant at Fred Pryor.

    “We really believe in continuing education and providing adequate training for those in the field,” she said. “And providing that training in just one day is our specialty.”

    Although workshops are vast and held internationally, the university aims to bring a centralized experience to campus, Bibb said.

    “These (workshops) happen all over the country but we bring them straight here,” he said.

    Oakley said Human Resources is trying to give staff the same experience they would get if they went to an off-campus workshop while also giving them a break from their day-to-day routine.

    “What we want to do is provide a comparable offering to what a lot people are going off campus to do and offering it on campus and give people (who attend) that day away from work,” Oakley said.

    “It provides a refreshing way to refocus and re-energize.”

    As the job market becomes more competitive, the role of these workshops is vital to the sustainment of TCU’s staff, Bibb said.

    “Nobody’s job is shrinking anywhere,” he said. “Nobody says, ‘I have less to do [today] than I did yesterday!’ so to grow and adapt into what is required, you have to have these skills.”

    Oakley and Bibb aim to hold this workshop to keep the stress of the workplace away from home and to teach lessons which extend far beyond the office.

    “All that we do is to help our employees just be better,” Bibb said. “We do a lot of job-related [workshops], but also some that people can take home with them. The skills they learn are valuable at work and at home.”

    The workshop is expected to begin on Aug. 7.