Suspected case of chickenpox on campus


    The Brown-Lupton Health Center informed students Thursday about a “suspected” case of chicken pox on campus.

    TCU’s medical providers said it is unlikely for most students to contract the disease.

    “Many students are probably not susceptible at all, because, most likely, they have been immunized,” said Kelle Tillman, the nursing director of the TCU Health Center.

    Students whose home states did not have vaccination requirements, or who were homeschooled, may not have been immunized.

    Dr. Jane Torgerson, the medical director at the Health Center, said if students haven’t had either, then they can get a chicken pox vaccination.

    “We will offer vaccines if the need arises,” Torgerson said. “We do keep varicella vaccination on hand, but we don’t keep a large amount of it because there is usually not a large need for it in this age population.”

    Torgerson also emphasized that as students return to school, other illnesses can spread quickly.

    “Like with any communicable disease, good hand washing and good hygiene is important,” Torgerson said.