Students respond to changes in alcohol policy


    TCU is cracking down on drinking thanks to the changes made to its alcohol policy this year, and so far responses from students have been mixed.

    Paige Polasek, a junior in the communications field, said she thinks the changes will make a difference in how many alcohol violations students receive, but isn’t sure if it will prevent underage students from drinking.

    “The changes will probably lower the amount of people receiving alcohol violations” Polasek said. “But I don’t know how effective they will be at actually stopping people from drinking.”

    Shelby Roberts, junior strategic communication and film-television-digital media double major, sees the changes as a way of making students reconsider engaging in risky behavior on the weekends.

    “I think the policy changes will make students who have already received a violation think twice before acting recklessly now,” Roberts said.

    Aubrey Cameron, a sophomore student worker at the TCU Alcohol & Drug Education Center, acknowledges that there is no way to eradicate drinking entirely.

    “College is the first time most kids are away from home and can start making their own decisions, so they will,” Cameron said. “After all, it’s college and no matter what rules are set in place, I personally think there will always be alcohol.”

    Cameron also said the TCU Alcohol & Drug Education Center is a good resource for students who have questions.

    “They provide information to individuals on how to be smart when going out. Once they put the information out there, it’s up to the individual to make the best choice for themselves,” Cameron said.

    Cameron wants students to know that the Alcohol & Drug Education Center is open to anyone who wants more information.

    “Students are welcome anytime,” Cameron said. “They shouldn’t feel judged for walking in because they definitely won’t be.”