TCU Cancer Crusaders teams with Love Your Melon


    The TCU Cancer Crusaders are now able to give more back to children with cancer because of a recent ambassadorship that the organization received.

    The ambassadorship is from a non-profit, tax-exempt status organization, called the Love Your Melon Foundation.

    The word “melon” is meant to imply a person’s head and the foundation hopes to help cancer patients “love” their heads, said Nadine Nijem, a senior neuroscience major.

    The ambassadorship was given to two students, Nijem and Jacob Ortega, senior biology major, from the College of Science and Engineering who are also co-founders of the TCU Cancer Crusaders.

    An ambassadorship is given to an individual who will bring the foundation to his or her local schools or hospitals in order to spread awareness to the community.The ambassador serves as an unofficial spokesperson for the non-profit Nijem said.

    “I really want to do something with pediatric oncology,” Nijem said. “The biggest thing to me was being able to get involved in something that’s strictly involved in the lives of patients.”

    Love Your Melon primarily accepts donations through purchasing a hat from their website. For every hat that is purchased the foundation gives a hat to a child with cancer at a pediatric oncology ward. The hats, which range in price from $25 to $40, each have the “Love Your Melon” logo on them Nijem said.

    “The foundation also seeks to raise money for cancer research as well,” Ortega said.

    Ortega purchased a hat to help promote the organization on campus and encourage students to either donate money or purchase a hat to support the cause.

    “I want to help people with cancer get through those terrible moments,” Ortega said. “I want to have that human connection with patients and show them that we care about them.”

    Additionally, Love Your Melon is hosting a month long competition, the Superhero Adventure Challenge, that concludes on Oct. 1. The five teams who sell the most hats through the organization’s website will be flown to Minneapolis on Oct. 21 to take a child with cancer on an adventure.

    “To purchase a hat through our organization, be sure to select TCU Cancer Crusaders when you purchase,” Nijem said. “As well as following us on Facebook at TCU Cancer Crusaders.”