Parking in Worth Hills not worth the ticket


    The days of parking in Worth Hills for intramural and club sporting events without getting ticketed are over, according to an email from the IMLeagues Team.

    On Sept. 9, TCU police informed Intramural Supervisors of the policy change.

    “TCU P.D. wanted us to let the participants know that if they park in Worth Hills and don’t have the correct sticker or a sticker in general, they’ll get ticketed,” senior Intramural Supervisor Michael Martz said. “For us, all we can really do is inform people about it.”

    Lieutenant Ramiro Abad, head of the TCU police patrol division, said construction on campus has not removed parking spots, but forced them into other areas around campus.

    “We have the parking spaces we’ve always had. We just don’t consider them convenient,” Abad said. “If you live in a larger city, you’re already used to walking. It’s nothing compared to what we have at TCU. Students are lucky here. You go to UNT, and you’re like, ‘I’ll just walk.’ You get used to it.”

    Martz says he understands participants’ frustration in the policy.

    “Of course you’re going to be upset. You were only there for an hour, and you got a ticket,” Martz said. “TCU P.D.’s doing their job, I guess.”

    Intramural participant Andrew Felts voiced his frustration of TCU police’s inconsistent policies: “Walking further isn’t a big deal, but the inconsistent enforcement is. We used to park there all the time. Now I guess they’re enforcing different rules. We just don’t understand why things keep changing.”

    TCU police began enforcing the new parking regulations in Worth Hills on Sept. 12.