Yoga Club comes to TCU


    Yoga Club is a new organization on campus looking to improve students’ lives by focusing on exercise, well-being and relationships regardless of the students’ beliefs, the club’s president said.

    “We are not affiliated with any religion or denomination,” President Alexis Schrepple said.

    Schrepple and Brooke Burgess, director of possibility for the yoga club, said they want TCU students to “build community and relationship” with one another through yoga.

    Schrepple and Burgess said they started Yoga Club to share their love for the exercise on TCU’s campus. They both used to attend lululemon’s Sunday yoga classes together and wanted something more.

    Schrepple said the club helps promote classes offered at the University Recreation Center, but focuses on more than just the exercise.

    “We’re not trying to compete with the rec center,” Schrepple said.

    Burgess said she will meet with club members individually every month to help them “make goals in efficient ways.” The goals will encompass more than just exercise; they will involve finances, health, academics and any other aspects members want to improve on.

    The club’s first goal as an organization is to get on its feet and start hosting events on campus, Schrepple said.

    “In the next three to 10 years, [we would like] to go on trips together and become a tight-knit community experiencing other types of yoga in different countries,” Schrepple said.

    The yoga club had over 41 students join its organization after its first information meeting Wednesday, Burgess said. The club will meet Wednesdays from 8-9 p.m. in the rec center’s multi-purpose room 2. The group also plans to host a school-wide event every month.