College night offers resources for TCU employees


    The Staff Assembly’s College Resource Committee hosted a college night on Tuesday.

    TCU employees were informed how to prepare their children for college and the available resources for TCU personnel.

    Darron Turner, assistant vice chancellor of student affairs, Amanda Nickerson, director of transfer admissions, and Maricia Reeves from the Office of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid spoke at the event.

    They talked about the TCU tuition benefit, financial aid, the college application, the transfer process, and tips about what the Office of Admission is looking for in students’ applications.

    Human Resources’ Benefits Compliance Manager Matt Millns said college night is one of four events that the College Resource Committee has throughout the year.

    “The main thing we try to do is help parents understand the TCU tuition benefit,” Millns said. “The second part of it is to bring all the high school kids in here and to really understand what it takes to actually A) get into college and B) succeed while they’re there.”

    Millns responded in an email saying 176 dependents of TCU employees took advantage of the tuition benefit in the last fiscal year and 34 staff members used the tuition exchange program offered to TCU employees.

    Energy management’s control systems operator, Dave Stonecipher, called it a great benefit.

    “I’ve never worked at a place that would pay for all of my kids’ tuition to go to college,” Stonecipher said. “I almost see that as a $50,000 raise.”

    Stonecipher said having this program makes it less stressful since he doesn’t have to worry about where the money is coming from.

    “I can concentrate more on the academic objectives that I want my child to obtain,” he said. “I don’t have to worry about where I’m going to get the money to pay for it, so it definitely helps.”

    Tarrant County College access coordinator Jacob Garcia said money is a big barrier for students who would like to go to college.

    “If we have more institutions that could offer this kind of benefit, that would not only boost morale, but it could change the lives of some of these employees and their children,” Garcia said.

    Garcia added that this type of program isn’t offered at public institutions as often and that the added benefit is something TCU employees and their children should take advantage of.

    “I think it’s a huge benefit for people who might not have been able to afford to come to TCU. But they can afford [it] now,” Garcia said.