TCU S.T.A.R.S. uses fashion show to teach professional development


    One TCU organization hosted a fashion show for students in the BLUU Auditorium Wednesday night to showcase appropriate workplace attire.

    Sisters of Transcending and Reaching Success or S.T.A.R.S. held their first event of the year “Lead with your mind and not with your body.” The event explained the do’s and don’ts of professional attire and etiquette in the workplace.

    “When a lot of people come into college we feel like they are unsure of what to wear and do in an interview,” said Shannon Edmonds senior marketing major. “This event is to help to get a better gauge of what to do in a professional setting and how to conduct themselves.”

    The program kicked off with two guest speakers. CEO of LMJ Creative Communications, Derrick Payne and TCU’s associate director of career services, Karen Lindsey-Lloyd spoke about what to wear when applying for a job.

    “Clothing is a form of communication” Payne said.

    The two speakers talked back and forth to explain the importance of looking presentable in the workforce and the key components on how to get a job. They also talked about the resources the TCU career service provides on campus such as resume building, mock interviews and networking. 

    “Everything you wear conveys who you are, because it’s about presenting your authentic self with polish” Lindsey-Lloyd said.

    The speakers stressed the importance of presenting yourself properly for your appearance is a part of personal branding.

    “Every minute of every day is a job interview,” Payne said.

    Students in attendance said they were pleased with the message the speakers gave and believed it was helpful in their preparation for applying for jobs.

    “I learned what to wear and what not to wear and that your first impression is your last impression,” said first-year social work major, Abriana Terrell. “There is a lot of resources here to help us.” 

    The program concluded with a fashion show displaying what clothing is appropriate versus inappropriate to wear in a work environment. 

    The presenters said that they hope students left the presentation knowing the importance of self-presentation in the workplace. 

    “I want the students to remember three things: to be classy, competent, and confident,” Lindsey-Lloyd said.