New Hall Crew position to improve student wellness


    A new Hall Crew position will help students become more aware of health and wellness issues.

    According to the Hall Crew Association’s website, the wellness coordinator focuses on students’ health by organizing different activities.

    Hall Director Amanda LaGrone said this position will educate students on various wellness related topics.

    “We are trying to provide a consistent message in our residence halls to make sure that all students are educated with the same materials and outcomes,” she said.

    There is some overlap between the resident assistant and wellness coordinator positions, LaGrone said.

    “The main difference is that the wellness coordinators will implement programs that impact the entire community, whereas our RA’s may work more one-on-one with students to connect them to the resources they need to succeed,” she said. 

    Wellness Coordinator Sarah Pluff, sophomore pre-business major, said the duties of the wellness coordinator are to organize events that promote all aspects of health such as emotional, physical, mental, social, spiritual, and intellectual.

    “The events will incorporate things students already love such as food and prizes, while also presenting important facts and tips on how to live our healthiest life possible,” Pluff said.

    LaGrone also said that this position is different from past initiatives because it connects the wellness offices across campus to impact students.

    Pluff said she decided to apply for this position because it provided an opportunity to become involved in the lives of her peers.

    “I hope to better the lives of those living in my community as well as everyone else that I come into contact with,” Pluff said.

    “I hope that I can be someone that everyone feels comfortable coming to with suggestions or even troubles that they are struggling with.”

    Hall Crew Association Director Rachel Talley said the organization wants to improve how it meets residents’ needs through this type of programming.

    “Wellness is all about the mind, body, and soul of the student,” Talley said. “We are trying to further connect with them by giving them the things that they need once they are part of our community.”