Students react to Anjelah Johnson’s performance


    More than 950 tickets were distributed to students, faculty, alumni and the general public to see comedienne Anjelah Johnson on Friday in the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom.

    Johnson is well known for her MADtv hit sketch “Bon Qui Qui” and her standup about a Vietnamese nail salon employee, Tammy, which catapulted her to fame.

    Johnson said she believes the reason her stand ups have taken off is that the stories are so relatable.

    “I’m very observational in my comedy,” Johnson said. “Everything that I talk about comes from personal experience, so it was just very easy for me to develop these stories and characters.”

    TheEnd program, a new initiative that provides movies, comedy acts, and concerts on Friday and Saturday nights to promote opportunities for students to stay on campus, booked Johnson and received great feedback from those who attended.

    Sophomore political science major Alex Benavidez thought Johnson was hilarious.

    “My stomach was hurting just from laughing so hard,” Benavidez said. “When she did the Tammy bit, I loved it. I’ve watched it a bunch of times. My family knows everything, so they were excited about me coming to see her.”

    Johnson also gave the audience a glimpse of her music and merchandise, which the audience could buy after the show.

    Samantha Granadl, a sophomore studio art major, loved when Johnson rapped along to the Bon Qui Qui “I’M A CUT YOU” song.

    “I love Anjelah Johnson,” Granadl said. “I’ve watched her for years with my parents as well. She was hilarious.”

    Johnson is also known for her ability to imitate Vietnamese accents, which is notable in her “Nail Salon” video.

    Sophomore interior design major Minh Nguyen liked Johnson’s Vietnamese accent.

    “As a Vietnamese, I really liked it,” Nguyen said. “I didn’t get offended at all. I love when she’s doing Vietnamese accents. It sounds so accurate.”

    Johnson is on her “Not So Fancy” comedy tour and will be touring through the end of this year.