New entrance leaves library without turnstiles


    Since it was implemented in 2008, the ID card swipe system has given TCU students exclusive access to the Mary Couts Burnett Library from dusk till dawn. 

    The recent renovation of the west entrance has left the library without this feature or the entryway turnstiles.

    The concept of a card swipe system is not for safety, but to enhance library use for students. Since the ID swipe went into effect, keeping out non-students had never been an issue until the fall semester of 2011.

    Nursing major Lamar Cooper said a sense of security is important to him while he studies.

    “It’s kind of scary at nighttime and stuff without you knowing that only TCU students are in the library at this time,” Cooper said. “Even during the day, it could be a threat so you never know.”

    According to the dean of the library, June Koelker, the entryway turnstiles are expected to be installed at the end of the month and will replace the original turnstiles used in the west entrance for 30 years.

    “We’re getting new turnstiles with the new renovation to bring back turnstiles that we’ve had for a number of years,” Koelker said. It provides the same level of security that we’ve had in place for TCU students for some time now.”