Victoria’s Secret launches a new TCU PINK collegiate clothing collection


    Victoria’s Secret PINK clothing line has gone TCU purple.

    TCU PINK items include a TCU bling half-zip pullover, a TCU full-zip tunic hoodie and a TCU pocket v-neck tee. The line was introduced Sept. 30. The prices for these TCU specific items range from $20 to $60.

    PINK has a specific collegiate collection of items. PINK’s TCU clothing line will be similar to the other college lines but will incorporate TCU’s colors and mascot, said sophomore fashion merchandising major and PINK campus representative, MaryAnne Fissell.

    As of now, these TCU PINK clothing items are available solely at Victoria’s Secret University Park Village, Hulen Mall and The Parks Mall in Arlington locations.

    “We hope the line will eventually debut online as well,” Fissell said. “But in the mean time, check out the items in store.”

    Fissell and Bonnie Devany, a sophomore communication major, said that as PINK representatives at TCU, they are excited to promote the line on campus by hosting events and wearing the new TCU PINK clothing around campus.

    “We both had previously talked about making conscious efforts to try to get a line for TCU during this school year,” Fissell said. “However, [PINK] was five steps ahead of us.”

    Devany and Fissell have known about PINK’s TCU collegiate collection since August when they attended a PINK brand training conference in Columbus, Ohio. They posted a photo status on Facebook and Instagram on Sept. 30 when the line launched to announce the line to the public.

    “The moment that we were told [about the line] is something I will absolutely never forget,” Fissell said. “Both Bonnie and I feel honored to be able to launch this line and we are so passionate about the company and know the line will be an absolute hit.”

    With this new line will come a new customer base, customers of PINK and fans of TCU now have a reason to shop at Victoria’s Secret, Fissell said. She added that it will provide a tailored experience to fans of PINK clothing on campus.

    “I’m really excited about it [the new line],” said Victoria Rodriguez, junior strategic communications
 major. “I’m pretty sure I’ve been looking forward to PINK having a TCU line since my freshman year.”

    When Rodriguez saw the news on VS PINK at TCU’s Facebook page, she texted all her friends right away.

    “I think [this line] will benefit TCU because more people will be wearing the TCU logo,” Rodriguez said.

    TCU PINK reps are working on a launch party at the University Park store near campus. The party would include freebies, coupons and discounts.

    “We hope that our school loves the line as much as we do,” Devany said. “I believe having a PINK line will contribute to our school pride, and give horned frogs a more stylish way to rock their TCU spirit.”

    Upcoming campus PINK will include a campus bra launch party and a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show viewing party.