The evolution of TCU’s football uniform


    In the beginning stages of TCU football, the uniform lacked proper gear for player safety. The uniforms also could be seen as plain.

    Now, TCU has received recognition throughout the nation for their football uniforms. The catalyst of this attention is TCU’s relationship with Nike, particularly after the Rose Bowl.

    The Rose Bowl changed a lot about the TCU football uniforms because Nike decided to step in and design multiple uniforms.

    Now, TCU sees the uniforms as a marketing tool to get stronger players.

    “We want something young people get to see,” said TCU Associate Athletics Director for Administration Mike Sinquefield.

    When it comes to football, Sinquefield said that TCU wants to stand out to the viewers, but most importantly, stand out to high school football players that may decide to come to TCU.

    With the size of the TCU student population growing and the success the football team has had so far, Sinquefield said anything can happen with the uniforms.

    In the future, it will be up to Nike and TCU on when the new uniforms will come out and what they will look like.