SGA gives IdeaFactory special type of sandbox


    The TCU IdeaFactory is receiving a sandbox full of kinetic sand from the Student Government Association (SGA) this week, said Matt Spangler, SGA’s vice president.

    Spangler said the kinetic sand is 98 percent pure sand and 2 percent polymer. The polymer allows the sand to be manipulated and sculpted in ways normal sand cannot.

    Spangler said SGA unanimously passed a bill to fund the purchase of $124.24 worth of the material for use in the IdeaFactory located in Rees Jones Hall.

    “The money will be used to buy a few pounds of original kinetic sand and a few pounds of purple kinetic sand,” Spangler said.

    Cedric James, assistant director of the IdeaFactory, said Megan Hartley, a fourth-year TCU student, shared her idea of purchasing kinetic sand with SGA after seeing Playdough being used in the IdeaFactory. The special sand has similar properties to Playdough.

    “The kinetic sand acts like Playdough in the way that, once you stick different colors together, it is near impossible to separate the grains of sand entirely,” James said.

    Hartley said in the bill that the sand would create creativity and “zen-ness” for students in the IdeaFactory.

    “This is a perfect example of how students can partner with SGA to turn a great idea into reality,” Spangler said.

    James said the IdeaFactory has a table ready for the kinetic sand and is waiting for the delivery this week from SGA.

    “The kinetic sand will help students craft their ideas, [which] then can be scanned and used to make three-dimensional prints using our 3-D printer,” James said.

    James said the IdeaFactory will have managers watching over the activity area to make sure users do not cross the sands or pull any pranks.

    Earnest Dominick, SGA College of Communication representative, said the sand would help students who use the IdeaFactory.

    “Playing with purple Playdough is proven to boost creativity, so this purple sand should do the same,” Dominick said.

    The kinetic sand will be available for students starting next week.