Gala highlights breast cancer awareness


    Big names and music came together Wednesday night at the Sing for the Cure Gala at Bass Performance Hall to raise money for breast cancer awareness. 

    Former first lady Laura Bush spoke, and Bob Scheiffer and his Honky Tonk Confidential band opened for Bernadette Peters with the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

    Attendees also got a first look at the 2014 Frogs for the Cure music video, featuring Josh Groban’s song, “Brave.” The video will publicly debut Saturday, Nov. 8 at the 10th Annual Frogs for the Cure football game.

    TCU alum and host of CBS’ “Face the Nation” Bob Schieffer, who spoke Wednesday afternoon at the Feed Your Pink Side Luncheon, performed with his band.

    Members of Honky Tonk Confidential said Schieffer is a welcomed member of the band.

    “We had a band before Bob started writing songs with us,” said Diana Quinn, vocalist and guitar player.

    Quinn said she connected with Schieffer through work.

    “I work at CBS too,” Quinn said. “Bob would walk back and forth in front of the newsroom desk, and he would stop sometimes to recite this poem about how he got to be a TV anchorman. So, I said ‘Bob, we need to turn that into a song and put it on our next album.’ So we did. It’s a talking blues kind of song, called ‘TV Anchorman.’ We wrote a couple more songs with him and those are on the latest CD.”

    Guitarist Mike Woods said the first concert Schieffer ever played with the band was at TCU, with head football coach Gary Patterson.

    “[Patterson] played the guitar and he sang and he was perfectly decent,” Woods said.

    Quinn said the band has had great experiences with Schieffer.

    “Bob has gotten us some cushy gigs, I’ll say that,” Quinn said. “We’ve played from honky tonks to the Grand Ole Opry, and the Grand Ole Opry was because of Bob.”

    Woods said the performance at the Grand Ole Opry was his favorite memory in the band.

    “Not everybody gets to do that,” Woods said.

    Quinn said students should go after what they want.

    “If you want to do something badly enough, do it.” Quinn said. “No matter how old, or how young you are.”