Campaign seeks to improve student body image


    A new campaign has been introduced to TCU’s campus that aims to empower students in a specific way.

    EmpowerTCU is a student-led movement that strives to address negative body image issues and eating disorders on campus, according to the campaign’s Facebook page.

    While it was only meant to last a week, EmpowerTCU extended into Monday and Tuesday due to rain, said Student Body President Cody Westphal.

    Westphal said he thought of the idea last semester after realizing how important issues of body image and eating disorders were for many people. He also said he teamed up with other leaders from the Student Government Association and the organization To Write Love on Her Arms to come up with the concept.

    “I want to remove the taboo associated with these issues and provide helpful information so others can assist themselves or a friend,” Westphal said.

    The poster associated with the campaign has an array of statistics on eating disorders and body image, along with tips on what to do to help.

    Students were encouraged to participate by taking photos around campus with a written message on a small chalkboard stating reasons why they are either beautiful or awesome.

    There is also a public service announcement video that is meant to be shared among students on the page to let everyone know of the campaign.

    “Students can get involved by liking our Facebook page, along with watching and sharing our video, which is a step by step guide about what to do if you think your friend is battling an eating disorder,” Westphal said.