TCU students to create first template for Hunters for the Hungry to use around the country


    Three TCU juniors are trying to develop a worldwide model before launching Hunters for the Hungry on campus.

    Hunters for the Hungry is a national organization that works with hunters to donate excess venison to food banks.

    Anthony Molina, Robbie Blair and Chris Hiemenz, junior business majors and members of the BNSF Next Generation Leadership program, wanted to bring the organization to campus to bring awareness to the positive impacts of hunting.

    “Now we are taking steps backwards, in a positive way, to make sure we have all our ducks in a row before launching our idea,” Molina said. “ We are now making the first template that will be used all over the country.”

    “We have an opportunity to do something much bigger than just create an organization on campus, although that is still a priority. We have the opportunity to create the first template that will be used,” said Molina.

    The students said they initially planned to start the organization at TCU by attaching it to an existing organization. They soon learned that there was no template and decided to take the opportunity to make one, said Molina.

    The students are looking to team up with professors from accounting, marketing and law while also working with outside sources in these specific areas, to ensure their plans are legitimate.

    “Being passionate about something doesn’t always work right off the bat,” Molina said.

    The students want to create an executive board made up of five students, each from a different major. Each would have an advisor in their area, whether it was accounting, marketing, or any other department to help guide them.

    This will allow multiple perspectives to be heard when brainstorming ways to make this organization “kink” free, said Blair.

    “People have tried to create an organization for donating meat in the past and it just hasn’t stuck,” said Blair. “We want people to see that we are harvesting these animals and giving back to those who need it the most.”

    The students are in the process of creating a constitution for the organization.

    “It’s a whole lot greater than we first anticipated, but we want to be the best voice possible for Hunters for the Hungry,” said Hiemenz.

    Molina, Blair and Hiemenz are working on perfecting the groundwork before anything becomes concrete.

    “Think about it like the days of Indians and cowboys where the Indians would use every piece of the buffalo they could from the hide, to the bones and then the meat. That’s what we want to do in an effective way,” said Molina.