New process to apply for transfer credit


    The process to get credit for classes taken outside of TCU now takes just a few clicks.

    After enrolling at TCU, many students take classes at other institutions to catch up or get ahead. Getting credit for these classes used to mean paperwork, Associate Registrar Mary Kincannon said.

    “It took some doing,” Kincannon said.

    The old process to get transfer credit included written approval from the academic dean, filling out an academic action form, waiting to hear about approval and submitting transcripts.

    Now, the new application allows students, deans and the registrar’s office to exchange information quickly.

    Students can access the application through their student portals at

    “It pulls all of the student specific information, so nobody has to verify that,” Kincannon said. “There are no action forms to handle, its all part of the student records system.”

    Kincannon said previously the registrar’s office would often be backlogged until October with paperwork from students who completed summer classes.

    “We would get hundreds and hundreds of action forms and transcripts at the end of the summer,” Kincannon said. “Plus, we hear from students saying ‘did you get my transcripts?'”

    Kincannon said the registrar’s office is also working to build tables that show how classes at other colleges count at TCU.

    “If you take English 1301 at almost any public two year institution in Texas, that is the equivalent of freshman [composition],” Kicannon said. “Rather than every time that comes in somebody has to stop and think what it is, if we can build articulation tables, it will populate the information in.”

    The tables will give students and advisors a better idea of how specific courses transfer to TCU. 

    The link to the new application is under the student center on and is available to all students.