Organized sports build comradery in Army ROTC


    TCU Army ROTC cadets do more than traditional activities such as pushups and sit-ups for each physical training (PT) session.

    The mandatory sessions are held from 6:15-7:15 a.m. Tuesday through Thursday every week, but at least once a month, cadets participate in an hour of organized sports for their PT. 

    “It’s fun stuff,” said Retired Sgt. First Class Theodis Johnson Jr. “We can get away from our normal routine and the monotony of our traditional PT sessions.”

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    Johnson, a military science instructor, said the program began having organized sports PT sessions about two years ago so cadets would be able to occasionally do something out of the norm for PT.

    Cadets participate in a variety of both outdoor and indoor sports, usually alternating between different sports on each occasion.

    On Thursday morning, cadets played basketball in the TCU Recreation Center.

    While organized sports are a fun change from traditional PT sessions, the teamwork and bonding is the best part about it, said Army ROTC Cadet First Sgt. Chris Lamoureux, a junior psychology major.

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    “It builds comradery and it brings us together as a whole,” Lamoureux said. “It really makes us all get to know each other if we don’t. With all the new cadets coming in, it helps us to build our team spirit.”

    Lamoureux said that organized sports PT is normally held on a Thursday. He added that Thursday PT sessions typically consist of activities that help cadets improve teamwork and relational skills.

    “We do a detachment level every Thursday, but it depends on what cadre wants us to do,” Lamoureux said. “This Thursday we have sports, but next Thursday might be a detachment run, and the next Thursday might be a detachment march.”

    Lamoureux said that sports, though simple, serve an important purpose for the cadets.

    “We do this because it is important to make sure that everyone is working together,” Lamoureux said.